Ishara, Airlie Beach to Sydney

Position Report and other info UTC (+11 Hrs Sydney Time)

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Thursday, 29 February 2024, 1030 Hrs

Moored at D’Albora Marina “The Spit” Thank you very much to Naeus, Pete and of course shore contact Dinah, much appreciated.

0900 Hrs

Left the fuel dock Rushcutters Bay for the 1015 Hr Bridge opening at the Spit

0145 Hrs

Berthed at the CYCA Rushcutters bay after a stressful harbour entry with a Cruise ship leaving then overheating of the engine. Anyway safely parked and looking forward to a short rest.

Blue Bottles in the strainer

Blue Bottles blocking the strainer

Wednesday, 28 February 2024, 1100 Hrs

32 37 S, 152 23 E. Getting close now. We are 3 Nm due East of Broughton Island near Port Stephens. Just 95 Nm to Sydney Heads. Its not looking like we will be making the Spit Bridge opening today so the current plan is to tie up at the CYCA Rushcutters bay overnight and through the bridge on its first opening on Thursday morning.

Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 1100 Hrs

30 21 S, 1053 17 E, Currently 8 Nm East of Coffs Harbour. Almost half way to Sydney making reasonable progress. The current has bee assisting however the wind died right out overnight slowing our average down a bit. All is well

Monday, 26 February 2024, 1200 Hrs

28 05 S, 153 34 E, Currently just 5 Nm North of Tweed heads. We have switched over to NSW time as we approach the border. All calm and quiet here and crossing the Gold Coast seaway bar a few hours ago. We left Southport at around 9 am NSW time this morning. All is going well enjoying a pleasant sunny day.

Saturday, 24 February 2024, 1100 Hrs

Moored at “Mariners Cove Marina, Southport. Unfortunately the Yacht Club didn’t have the space for us this weekend. We left the anchorage this morning at 7am as planned for a stress free crossing of the shallows. Will look at the weather for the next few days but it currently lt seems like an early Monday morning start before the wind and seas settle to cross the bar to head south.


Friday, 23 February 2024, 1745 Hrs

27 38 S, 153 20 E Anchored on the western side of Redlands Bay. We left the “Yard” Brisbane river today at around midday and have made the 30 Nm here, around halfway to the shallow area just after “Jacobs Well”. Anchoring for the night so as to make it through for high tide in the shallows tomorrow morning. All running fine. Unfortunate Tracey has rolled her ankle and will not be able to join us this time round.


Wednesday, 21 February 2024

Current plan is to leave “The Yard” Brisbane after being lifted back into the water and heading South to Anchor overnight for an early 0830 Hrs high tide at Jacobs well on Saturday morning. Current forecasts show a southerly blowing through Southport easing on Sunday evening. Welcome aboard again Naeus and Tracey

Thursday, 8 February 2024, 1330 Hrs

27 26 S, 153 08 E. On the slipway at “the Yard” Brisbane. A problem with excessive leaking from the stern gland was discovered when we moored in Morton bay was discovered. Peter (the owner) decided it was better to fix now rather than nurse it to Sydney. We will take advantage of Ishara being out of the water and attend to a few other minor repairs and come back in a week or so to resume the final leg to Sydney.

Wednesday, 7 February 2024, 1330 Hrs

26 56 S, 153 12 E, We arrived at the entrance to the main shipping channel in Morton Bay just before the Southerly Sydney sent up arrived at around 1100 hrs. Currently making our way south to find an anchorage for tonight before heading through the shallows to Southport tomorrow. Looking forward to a good rest tonight. All is good.

Tuesday, 6 February 2024, 1030 Hrs

24 22 S, 153 10 E, Just passed the “Breaksea Spit” to the north of Fraser Island and are now on a more southerly course. Expecting to have similar conditions for the next 24 or so hours but should get an updated forecast soon. All going well we are aiming to go inside Morton Island out of the SE winds and by-pass Mooloolaba and head for Southport instead. A little slower yesterday but soon the tidal influence will dissipate and hope to get some East Coast current assistance. All is fine.

Monday, 5 February 2024, 1100 Hrs

23 30 S, 151 19 E, Just crossing the Tropic of Capricorn, hopefully everything will cool off shortly. Making consistent progress in the currently light and SE wind still under engine. We are planning to go around the North end of Fraser Island and expect to be out of phone reception again for another 36 hrs or so. Will update again tomorrow as we make our way to Mooloolaba or Southport depending on conditions at the time. All is well.

Sunday, 4 February 2024, 1200 Hrs

21 44 S, 150 12 E, We are 5 Nm SW of middle Percy Island still under engine as expected but making reasonable progress. The water-pump issue has been temporarily fixed but the AIS position seems to be a bit intermittent at times but is working. All is well but still damn hot like a lot of the country. Phone reception is not expected again for around 24 more hours. All is well

Saturday, 3 February 2024, 1800 Hrs

20 44 S, 149 05 E, 5 Nm south of Goldsmith Island in the Anchor Island Group. Currently motoring in light winds which are predicted for the next few days so hoping to get a fair way south before the wind strengthens from Tuesday on.

We may loose reception soon for a couple of days so will be updating daily around lunchtime via the satellite phone. All is well except Pete W has his head in the bilge trying to sort a loose water-pump out.

1115 Hrs

Leaving Airlie Beach


Emergency Contact for this delivery

Dinah Eagle, +61 (0) 475 306 555,

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MMSI No 503476300

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