There are three cures I know of:-

1) 80mg “Phenergan”:- an antihistamine used for allergies. Usually injected by a doctor as once overcome by seasickness it is virtually impossible to keep the tablet form down.

2) Time :- usually in most cases your body will adjust in less than 48 (long) hours. Lying down with your eyes closed and probably sleeping will alleviate most symptoms and the time will pass faster whilst you sleep.

Water and perhaps “gastrolyte” should be taken as frequent as possible especially if you have been throwing up.

Probably the only thing you will be able to eat and maybe keep down are dry salty biscuits like “Saltines” or “Salada” brands

3) Sitting under a palm tree :- this is an instant cure.


There is a physiological component to sea sickness so once you start to feel the effects it can come on very fast as it is hard to get it out of your mind.

Ginger, pressure point bracelets and even motion sick tablets probably work on the “mind over matter” principal as much as any scientific evidence. Because the illness is related to balance being able to see the horizon allows your eyes to talk to your ears and adjust accordingly. Fresh air and plenty of fluid is also recommended.

I recommend Phenergan (10 or 25 mg tablets) you should probably start taking them 12 hours before setting foot on board. You can buy them over the counter at a pharmacy. Side effects in some cases are Drowsiness, urinary retention (often given to children to prevent bed wetting).

Other brands of drugs are often recommended by friends, doctors and pharmacists as sure fire products but it has been my experience that they don’t prevent the illness in everyone. Again you can not prevent the illness once you have got it so why not take the cure as a preventative. Every one of my crew who suffers from seasickness now swears by Phenergan” as the only thing that has worked for them.


The first 24 – 48 hours are critical in avoiding seasickness if you think you are prone to it.

Take “Phenergan” up to 12 hours before getting on board. And then take the recommended dosage – a tablet every few hours –check with your pharmacist. Don’t get talked out of using phenergen! I usually take one tablet when commencing the voyage in rough weather and am no longer prone to illness after my first sleep or two (2 x 2.5 hour sleeps)

At first stay on deck in fresh air with the horizon in view.

Keep your fluids up

Do not eat greasy or acidic foods

Avoid alcohol (I personally don’t believe this one)

Do not read a book (especially below deck) no matter how good you feel in the first day or so.

When you do retire below go straight to the horizontal position without stuffing around too long. Your dentist will forgive you if you don’t brush your teeth or remove your make up.