Wildling, Wirruna Cover SA to Yeppoon QLD

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Wirina Cove SA to Yepoon QLD

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Monday May 29, 2023, 2200 Hrs


Sunday May 28, 2023, 0630 Hrs

Currently off Indian Head, Fraser Island with around 200 Nm ahead of us. A bit slow going overnight and this morning. Trying to make as much distance as we can under sail before variable conditions set in again. Hopefully we will land not too late on Monday. Update via satellite phone again tomorrow.

Saturday, 27 May 2023, 1030 Hrs

26 20 S, 153 09 E, Currently 4 Nm North East of Noosa Heads. Finally under sail again after negotiating the shallows, dodging ships out of Brisbane and putting up with the SW change that finally blew through. A lovely sunny day now with 15 Kts of Southerly pushing us up to Fraser Island. The wind should hold until it drops off again Sunday but at this stage its looking like we should land in Rosslyn Bay on Monday. Please note telephone and internet reception will be sketchy from now until we approach Yepoon so updates will possibly be via Sat Phn over this period.

Friday, 26 May 2023, 1200 Hrs

Leaving the anchorage to meet the high tide at Jacobs Well.

Thursday, 25 May 2023, 1430 Hrs

27 48 S, 153 26 E, Anchored in “Tipplers” passage for the night and a rest / prep for the southerly due tomorrow. All is well

1130 Hrs

28 00 S, 153 28 E, Just 2 Nm of Surfers Paradise. We have not had the autopilot working since Tuesday night and the forecast is for a Northerly to build this afternoon and evening and a strong wind warning for Friday. We will be heading inside Stradbroke Island this afternoon and continue inside Morton Island for Friday to avoid too much of a bumpy ride tomorrow. Currently its a light Northerly with lots of Sunshine and finally some heat since leaving SA. Update again this evening or in the morning.

Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 1200 Hrs

30 01 S, 153 17 E, Coffs is now 20 Nm behind us after a quick stop off to top up fuel. Forecasts all up the coast are for more “Variable” winds to continue until Thursday when some Northerlies come in prior to the next big southerly blow. Anyway making the most of the calm to get as far North as possible under engine still. We are seeing it all on this trip, Just before sunrise was a trail of around a dozen satelites rising above the Eastern horizon. Dolphins daily as well as whales but most unusual was a semi submerged container floating off North Head Sydney, that’s rarer than most people believe.

Tuesday, 23 May 2023, 0900 Hrs

32 21 S, 152 39 E, We are well underway 6 Nm NE of Sugarloaf Pt (Seal Rocks) Sorry for the lack of updates but the weekend strong winds gave us the opportunity to take a couple of days off whilst it blew through. The wind is now variable but am hoping to get enough north before the next strong wind come through again from Thursday.

Monday, 22 May 2023, 1100 Hrs

Leaving the CYCA after fuelling and provisioning for the next leg. All is well

Thursday, 18 May 2023, 1915 Hrs

Arrived Sydney at the CYCA, Will be preparing the boat for the next leg and watching the weather forecasts for the next few days.

Wednesday, 17 May 2023, 1400 Hrs

36 20 S, 150 08 E, Left Bermagui an hour ago after a good nights sleep and fully fuelled. The forecast is showing this Southerly to keep blowing for several days so it should be a quick run to Sydney where a final top up on provisions is planned before continuing on to Yepoon. Update tomorrow.

Tuesday, 16 May 2023, 1800 Hrs

Arrived at Bermagui Marina. The wind did build to over 30kts so it was such a relief to eventually tie up and let it blow on through.

1600 Hrs

36 34 S, 150 06 E, Heading for Bermagui for fuel and to hide from the 30 Kts of Southerly which is steadily building. Its around 10 Nm to go so hopefully we are in before conditions get too uncomfortable. All is well will update once settled into the marina.

Monday, 15 May 2023, 1500 Hrs

37 51 S, 148 51 E, South West of Point Conran (by 5 Nm) so approximately 60 Nm to Gabo and hence the other end of the Strait. Light breeses currently but have been sailing along nicely since 4 am and hence some relief on whether we had enough fuel to make it to the next fuel stop. The forecast is showing some Northerlies on the east coast before it comes in strong from the south tomorrow. All is well as we look forward to turning the next corner.

Sunday, 14 May 2023, 1330 Hrs

39 08 S, 146 28 E, We have just passed Wilson’s Promontory and are now finally on a more Northerly course. Nice and warm in the sun but its been damn cold most of the time. We are still slowly motoring and hope to have some wind tonight. Currently variable at around 5 Kts. All is well on board.

Saturday, 13 May 2023, 1100 Hrs

38 55 S, 143 40 E, 7 Nm SE of Cape Otway, motoring along still and not expecting much wind of any use until tomorrow forecast. That’s fine as a calm first have of the strait is much appreciated as we are settling back in to the routine. We should be back into reception again near Wilson’s Prom in around 24 Hrs so expecting the reception to drop out soon. Update from the Prom.

Friday, 12 May 2023, 1500 Hrs

Leaving Portland heading for Bass Strait! Sorry for the lack of updates. Whilst in Portland I had my computer in for repairs as it was persistently crashing. Well done to Tony at the local PC repair place who has sorted the machine out for now at least. Anyway we are fully provisioned and fueled up with a much better forecast than when we left SA. Its looking like a full through the Strait without the need to shelter from the wind hopefully. Update again tomorrow.

Wednesday May 10, 2023, 0015 Hrs

Arrived Portland !!

Tuesday May 9, 2023, 1500 hrs:’

38 15 S, 141 01 E, which is just 30 Nm to Portland. We will be arriving in the late evening or early tomorrow and will update again tomorrow. Fortunately the seas are dropping and the wind is giving a better angle since turning left at Port McDonald. All is well

Monday 8 May 2023, 1500 hrs

37 07 S, 139 38 E around 5 nm NW of Robe. Will be continuing on for now to Portland . The sea’s are quite messy giving the auto pilot a hard time but hopefully the wind and sea will drop tonight. The Next possible anchorage if it doesn’t improve soon will be south of beachport. Just waiting on the BOM update soon. Will update if anchored or tomorrow with reception.

Sunday, 7 May 2023, 1030 Hrs

Leaving Wirrina Cove, the wind is lighter today but looking like it will stay from the South to SW for the next few days. Expecting a slow trip to begin with but hope to make up some time once we get to the East Coast of NSW

Saturday May 5, 2023

Currently in Wirruna Cove, SA awaiting on the wind to abate. Hopefully we will be underway on Sunday to head for Portland or Apollo Bay Vic to finish provisioning and catch up on the current delay. Current computer issues will mean updates will only be seen on the “posts page” above for now. Next update on departure.

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